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Traffic is great. Niche/Targeted Traffic is Incredible. But a Website that Converts… is Never Better.

Are you still looking at that Google Analytics and smiling because your traffic is growing? Well that’s great, but if at the end you’re just getting empty traffic with no paying customers or subscribers, then you’re business is probably not doing well. We take modern methods of getting subscribers on your website or web entities and implement various tools and strategies to get conversions.

When someone visits your website, you have that person’s attention on average for only a couple of minutes, so it’s important that your website functions as a gateway to either push for a sale or an opportunity to someone to subscribe to following you, your products, or your expertise.

On Average, only 2% of website traffic is ready or likely to buy at that very moment when someone interacts with your website or web presence. That leaves the majority of people or traffic interested in something you do, or something that you offer in a situation where they either don’t have enough trust in your brand, or an immediate need for your product.

Imagine you have a cousin who is having immigration issues, so you begin searching all kinds of search terms related to immigration issues, or immigration lawyers. You find a website that has great content but you’re not sure if this person is a good solution for you, or not. The lawyer has an opportunity to build his reputation or to begin engaging in his prospects/visitors in a digital, and more proactive way.

Most people who utilize web conversion optimization methods can drive their subscriber and eventual customer-base from 2% to 10%, creating 5x+ growth, and some are so good that they drive it to up to 30% of traffic.

We use an array of marketing methods to drive this growth with just your website.

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Website Conversion Optimization for Your Website

Usually the process in getting traffic follows this process: 1. Understand who your customer is. 2. Understand which relevant keywords your audience is searching for. 3. Build content/landing pages that conform to the relevant keywords. 4. Setup some ads. 5. Get traffic... Right? Right. Wrong! Traffic is only as good as it converts, don't waste time on traffic that doesn't convert.

We can more or less understand what our customers look for, and what they need. Otherwise, why would you be in business? Thus, we can create an avatar that automatically interacts with visits and tries to address the needs of the customers proactively. We can also add an option for live chat if that's something you want to offer to your customers.

When someone comes to your website or web page, you have a very minimal amount of time to prove your worth to your visitors and prospects. Social proof very quickly positions testimonies, analytics, ratings, and other various information in front of an audience to build trust.

With only 2% of web traffic on average being ready to purchase, it's inefficient for the purpose of one's website to just be about transacting money with customers. We can easily multiply one's ability to create a much higher percent of people to become lifetime values by just subscribing to you first, and building a connection, and this becomes the priority of your website.


Social Proof

We use social proof notifications to quickly build report and trust with your visitors as much as we can. Social proof takes live data or data from reviews and pushes it into the view of your website visitors. Data shows that implementing social proof can likely add 30 to 50% in conversions.

AI Chat to Guide and Engage Customers

When someone comes to your website, you have a very short amount of time to engage your customers. One of those tactics we use is engaging content that tries to address customer's needs (more importantly to try to obtain their email address); essentially guiding the conversation with your prospects.

Webpage Conversion Optimization

Somebody new finds your website from Google, Facebook, referral, or any other source. The question you need to very quickly ask yourself is, when someone access your website, what is your website doing for you? We analyze your website content and the elements on your website - as well as the technology utilized, and suggest changes accordingly.

Using Quizzes to Engage Your Customer

About 15 years ago personality quizzes became popular and they were very often shared. They seemed like a "temporary thing," but data showed that they were incredibly successful. 2019 and beyond has moved into engaging content and video. We'll only see more these tactics to come.

Optimize Email Capture

We utilize a number of different tactics, technologies, and tools to obtain a prospect's email. We do this because email is still the most utilized communication medium, and when it comes to email - we have 100% ownership of that data, unlike with Facebook where posts only go out to around 30 to 40% of followers.

Always Evolving

The tactics and strategies used in conversion optimization don't stop with our current offering. We are always looking into new technologies and options to improvement our conversion chances, including just using traditional means of boosting and improving the content marketing of an individual web page.

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