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Local Marketing Videos for Getting Ranked Fast

This is where our business is going. You see, the thing about PPC/Ads is that they’re expensive. The problem with website SEO is that it takes a long, long time for your website to warm up to Google, and the competition is fierce from what it was 10 years ago. Ranking promotional videos to gain visibility is much easier. Tap into our SEO-Videos for quicker rankings/engagement.

The saturation of internet-based websites continues to increase, and the way people have interacted with content has changed drastically as well. That doesn’t mean that articles with great content aren’t relevant anymore but it does mean that most businesses will have to adapt. At the moment, one of the best tactics is to optimize for YouTube. Why? It’s extremely less competitive for local search terms and it also gets you ranked on Google? Did you ever notice that if you search certain terms in Google, that it also shows YouTube videos? We have the tools and know-how to do the very same thing for your business.

While we don’t guarantee top 3 rankings, we do the keyword research beforehand to see what’s ranking for your business in your area and then we create videos and optimize for those rankings accordingly. The tactic works amazingly well.

We also cant ignore the fact that video is more than 60% engaging that all other forms of content or media. Most people just prefer the visuals of video – given this, using video content helps us further reach your audience by giving them what they’re looking for with the content that they want.

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Local Ranked Videos for Google / YouTube

SEO - which was once the hyped lingo of marketing, has become too competitive and difficult to rank for. Even a site that dominates in backlinks and has all the keys to ranking will still be challenged by Google's slow-to-rank engine. There's too many hurdles to overcome to get a desired ranking result. But - we can quickly and much more easily rank YouTube videos, which climb at the top of Google results as well. Not only this - but video also has the best engagement of all forms of media, making it key as the next thing to invest in.

There is so much garbage out there in the internet that captures rankings as well as the simple fact that even a relevant site without the domain rankings will never be seen. We get around those hurdles and get you visible.

We conduct keyword research and understand all of the long-tail keywords relating to your business or industry, then we optimize those videos to rank high in YouTube, that ranking will also carry onto Google itself. Overtime, rankings tend to improve naturally as people engage with your video.

Video is the most popular type of the media, not only engaging people on average for longer periods of time, but also in terms of building favor for products and service. We aim to make a convincing and engaging video that will hook your audience.


Local Keyword Optimized

On every video, we conduct keyword research and understand what people are searching relating to your keyword niche and then work to optimize the video rank in the top 10.

Professionally Voiced

All of our voicing is done professionally by British or American voice actors, to give the videos a professional feel.

Spectrum of Software

We currently have and utilize over 8 various types of software to accomplish different transitions, styles, outputs, graphics, digital effects, and flows which allows us to be creative.

Ranking Report After 1st Month

We give you a full ranking report for the various keyword combinations and views for the first month.

Engage Your Customers

Stats show that people engage with video 60% more than regular text, and in 2019 and beyond, video will be the primary means of delivery of content.

Reuse Your Videos for Various Purposes

These videos are meant to be reused to promote your brand. Meaning the best way to use them is to create multiple videos relating to your trade and then to repurpose them to support your brand.

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