Email Marketing Automation Flows for Small Business

Email marketing is still one of the most effective and best forms of marketing and outreach. It may seem like email marketing may have too much competition, but the truth is that communication via Facebook and other media outlets mean that two-way communication is controlled by that medium. For instance, if you post to Facebook, only about 30% of your messages will reach your following - the only alternative is to pay money. However - with email, you own the data and you're free to communicate at your leisure. While email marketing is saturated, we can still utilize value-oriented messaging to build a positive reputation between you and your customers from the beginning, to build trust and a positive reputation.

Rather than draft a huge speech which a busy person doesn't have time for, we craft simple, digestable, and practical information of value. We approach the relationship from the big picture, but appeal to various needs of the customer.

Ever walk into a store that has a salesman or saleswoman there waiting for you to pass by, and they start asking, "excuse me sir, just a minute of your time." You know they just want to sell you, so you pass on whatever they have to say. We're trying to avoid that. Nobody likes to be sold - we must build an e-reputation with the prospect, and only then introduce your services.

As you know, that visual email that takes 30-60 seconds to read takes much more to create, draft, and implement. We take your product or service, and develop a customer-journey so that we develop trust and value. Then we draft the copy, images, and implement in a leading email service provider.


Full Email Customer Flow

We connect with you, take the customer, the product/service, the value offering, and dissect the messaging to build value over a period of time. Then build-out the messaging in accordance to the messaging. We aim to make it personal and segmented based on the user and what they're looking for.

Design and Creative Included

most companies don't understand is that people don't read emails, they spend about 10-30 seconds glimpsing through them. We optimized the flows of the email to be easily reviewed.

We Implement and Make it Happen

Writing a few emails seems like a quick task - but it takes time to strategize, implement, customize, and implement. We save you many hours or more of time getting everything setup and ready to market/ or sell.

Catered for Your Customer

Our emails are not copy and pasted. We base our copy and strategy based on who your customer is and what their interests are. Essentially creating voice that connects wth your target market.

Automated with Tech

We'll use your email system to implement the workflow but if you don't have an email marketing system, or an outdated one, we'll set you up on MailChimp with a free account (2,000 emails per month, free,), or you can use our automated email marketing software.

We Work Together

We connect with you personally and work together to agree on a strategy. This way you feel good about the direction of the email marketing funnel/flow, and strategy.

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