Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Small Business SMB

Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Monthly Package

Let's face it. you want your local clients to find you and you don't want to pay Google $2 for every click. I get it.

Google itself is an evolving puzzle of different requirements that you don’t have time to figure out. Hold it right there amigo(a), we’ve developed an affordable system where you can grow in rankings every month. The details of our basic package are below, and it’s included free in most of our packages.

Our basic package takes 5 key pages and we manually analyze using our various tools to understand and optimize how your website is oriented and how it'll work with Google's search algorithm.

In 2019, still the biggest external factor continues to be backlinks. Even though Google has become smarter at understanding which content is better suited for the searcher - backlinks are still as important as they were before. As such, we work on developing as many quality backlinks as we can for you.

We specialize in long-tail keyword optimization. We're not going to waste our time optimizing your website reputation for general terms, but rather targeted traffic that is less competitive and more focused.


Full Deep Dive SEO Audit

We go through a process of running a number of tools through your site to ensure that your site has all of it's tags properly filled out.

Long-Tail Keyword Research

Trying to compete with big name websites takes a lot of money, skill, and time. We identify which long-tail keywords (terms of 2-3 word or more) that your customers are searching relating to your business, then we optimize specifically to rank you for that traffic within 2-6 months.

Chat and Email Support

You can even message us anytime via the chat options on WhatsApp/Website Chat, as well as email support - we aim to respond to everyone within 1 business day or less.

Full Ranking Reports

Not only do we provide you full real-time stats (visitors, engagers, conversions, etc...) from Google Analytics in your own easy-to-view dashboard, we also provide you a monthly excel file of the keywords and their rankings for which we optimize for.

Incremental Value and Rankings

Overtime SEO has become more and more challenging. Google's search engine is more and more difficult to rank for and even more-so it's very slow to rank smaller or newer sites. We manage that growth for you to start getting you ranked for keywords relating to your business.

Occasional Bonus Links

The key to faster and higher rankings are to have great content, great online reputaton, and great backlinks. We monitor your rankings closely and if we need lacking rankings after 3-6 months of service, we will conduct additional campaigns in the online ecosystem to get you more organic "link juice."

Nearly 1/3rd of all searches on Google are related to local searches, that’s a lot of potential traffic and opportunity on the table. No – googling is not just for massive online e-tailers like Amazon. There are effective methods to claim a hefty piece of this pie.

This is How We Do It:

Keyword Research:

We learn about what your niche is searching, and which keywords they’re utilizing to find you and services like yours.

Internal SEO: 

Before you go on the road, you want to make sure you’re car is ready for a long drive. Similarly, we want to make sure that your website, and all of its parts are optimized to ensure that the search engines pick up your content just fine. We work to optimize the language, length, and flow of your website so that


The most important step of any SEO strategy is understand from where a site will generate its backlinks. Also a ranking factor are what’s called business citations. These are other references to your business including NAP (Name – Address – Phone) on other places of the web. Google uses these to verify the legitimacy of your business.


As of 2019, backlinks remain to be the bread and butter of Google rankings. Securing backlinks from reputable sites are still the most powerful way to get noticed by Google and to climb your rankings.


It’s Not Easy

Years ago it used to be very easy to quickly build your rankings. You just create some content, pay for hundreds of crappy backlinks with some optimized anchor-text, and wait a bit – and Walla! Rankings!

Not anymore. Now you need to be tactical and smart about your backlinking strategy or you will likely destroy your brand and domain name reputation.

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