Local Business and Niche Citations for Small & Medium-Sized Businesses

Your customers need or are looking for your service, but the internet is vast and expansive.

They don’t know who you are (yet), but they utilize and know about other websites that a trustworthy mediums to find you… but you’re not on those mediums yet… how are your customers going to find you?

It would be nice if someone could just create a business and then customers just start showing up, but we know that's not how the world works. Carefully understanding which digital mediums our customers are using to find us and optimizing our respective presence on the internet will both have a more meaningful impact for direct traffic as well as indirect benefits such as SEO.

From finding the best Thai restaurant within a 5-mile radius to reviewing medical professionals who safeguard our health, we are increasingly dependent on various 3rd-party platforms and the hundreds of various reviews provided by people we don't have a direct connection with.  That makes it incredibly important that the details of your business are ensured to be listed in the right places before people start searching for the solution that you provide.

The Google Search algorithm is getting smarter and smarter in terms of figuring out the relevancy of your website/product/offering and the offering of others. However, at this current time, whether it's understanding which websites backlink to you, or in which way your website interacts with the rest of the internet: Google is incredibly dependent on other sites to validate the authenticity of your business or website. As such, Google often analyzes which websites are referencing your company/website and in which capacity.


General & Niche Directories

We target and build out your information on dozens to hundreds of various internet directories - both related to your niche and general ones like Yelp & Google My Business. This helps Google understand what your site is about.

Opportunities to Get Found on Various Other Tools & Sources

While there are thousands of directories, each with their own popularity and reputation with the search engines. Many of them are highly trafficked and utilized by people to find solutions, thus these sources help funnel traffic.

Backlinks Bizarre

One of the biggest bonuses with local directories is that they tend to have high domain authority (DA) and can increase your website's reputation to climb the ranks of Google with with both do-follow to no-follow backlinks.

Update the Internet with the Most Current Information

Since the internet utilizes various sources for their information. The information out there on your business may not be universally correct. We aim to fix all of those old addresses, emails, and phone numbers of yours that are leading potential customers astray.

Full Profile Information

We not only will update your NAP (Name - Address - Phone), we will make tantamount updates and wherever we can add photos, logos, descriptions, and other information to paint a fuller picture of who your brand.

Optimized for Health, Wellness, Medical Professionals

As we mentioned,on our vision page, we service all kinds of industries, but the truth is that we like to stay focused on the health, medical, and wellness industries and thus have better investigated more pertinent citations related towards those fields.

Don’t be Shy, Put Yourself Out There. There’s 100s if not 1000s of Local Citation Websites. We Make Sure You’re Easily Found.

It’s easy to think that if I just create a website and list myself there, that my customers with find me no matter what. That’s simply not true because only a certain amount of people go directly to Google to search various keywords for what they’re looking for. Over 50% of people of people use local citation websites like Yelp, Facebook Local, Google My Business (GMB), Vitals.com, YP.com (Yellow Pages), HealthGrades, and many other sites to find businesses and service providers. Make sure that you’re able to get found.

Not to mention, but until Google fully takes over the internet, Google is still dependent on other websites for understanding the reputation and likely-hood of the quality of content. That’s why it’s important that the online community is aware of your business as much as it is for your personal website.

We optimize both general and niche-specific directories, we usually advise for businesses to have about 60-120 clean and consistent directory listings.

How Does it Work?

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Call Vik to Discuss Your Business & See Where We Can Help

We've tried to make this process as easy as possible a business owner. You can contact us (schedule a time at your convenience), and can speak to us to talk about your goals, understand your direction, and ensure that partnering with SMBfission is the right fit for you. When you know that SMBfission is the right fit and you want to move forward, go ahead and start working with us today!

You'll Receive an Email

Congratulations! You've just entered into a partnership with SMBfission! You'll receive an email with instructions to book time to speak with Vik from SMBfission so that we can connect, and start moving forward with building your business. You will also receive a questionnaire/survey on which items you need to provide us. Do note that in some cases you will need to provide certain things like account access to social media accounts, but all of that will be specified by email.

Every Client Receives a Client Portal

Within 48 hours, you should receive your own client portal and login. From which, you'll be able to access your personal account, further which will include relevant files and links such as receipts, project timelines, guides, and much more, all centered in one place. We will also manage all of our projects and tasks using our native project management tool connected to our website.

Timeline and Execution

You will receive a timeline for execution and will be updated as your project is being worked on. If you purchase a more-involved project like a webinar/webcast, then we will be in more ongoing communication, with use of project management tools (we use our own semi-native solution) to keep everyone on-track and updated throughout the project.

Learn How to Get More Clients

Talk to us. That's all you need to do. Schedule some time with us below or give us a call. We'll review in-depth what we can offer you and how we can help you grow your business. There's nothing to lose, and all of our prospects walk away with some strategies or wisdom regardless if you partner with us or not...

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