Niche-Specific Facebook Ad Campaigns for Small Business

Create an ad and they will come you say?

That’s sounds like an expensive proposition with a lot of wasted ad spend. The key to Facebook advertising is two-fold: It’s about 65% to 70% percent careful audience selection, and the rest of it the quality of the ad *wink* *wink* – think video.

We have learned over time that created niche-specific campaigns based on long-tail keywords, allows us to have a much better ROI since there is proper intent.

Ever wonder why Pepsi, Coke, McDonalds, Apple, and many other brands show various visually-attractive ads with little direct value? Logically, it's visibly fluff, but there are psychological reasons for this. They are actually training your brand to build brand reputation and sentiment. We will attempt to do the same, as research shows it takes up to 7 times of seeing your ad before someone caves into clicking it.

There's a lot of competition on the Google Adwords network, but there's also a lot of keywords. What we do is optimize for the Google Adwords score, and create more ad varieties so that the ads more closely relate to how the individual searcher searches on the internet. This increases our Google Adwords score, so that we can pay as low as 10 cents a click.


Long-Tail is our Game

We use a number of various leading SEO tools to figure out as many long-tail combinations related to your business/industry as we can. We'll continuously build this portfolio out so that we'll test to see what works and optimize on an ongoing basis. It's more important for us to be ultra-specific, but hit as many smaller niche groups as possible.

Retarget to Make Your Brand Known

As mentioned, we utilize retargeting methodologies given the fact that it's much, much cheaper and more effective to target someone who has become familiar with your brand. We do the same thing when it comes to Facebook ad marketing as well.

Google Certified Experts

Each person on the team who works on your ads is Google Adwords certified. While this doesn't necessarily mean that each our Adwords campaigns will be "as great as sliced bread" and will make you millions of dollars, we can attest to taking a very detailed and disciplined approach to ads.

Doing What Works

Great ad campaigns usually have one thing in common: they must be improved upon with time. Using various A/B tests, and different copy combinations are essential in ensuring that the best ROI is achieved. Ads are expensive, so every small victory is important.

Understanding Intent

"Intent" will be an important word to remember from 2019 and beyond. Why? Because it's Google's "mission." Google is trying to always figure out the correlation between a certain combination of keywords, and the searcher's intent. For example, let's say you search, "suit tailors in new york city." That can mean a lot of things: does the searcher want to find the hours of various tailors in NYC? Does he want a discount? Does he want to find reputed tailors in NYC? This is above all the most important metric and how we base our philosophy when crafting ads.

Reports are Important

Every order comes with both a simple to use live dashboard of your ad and traffic performance that you can check at anytime, as well a monthly report which compares performance overtime.

It’s Not Just an Ad, It’s a Facebook Marketing Campaign

The worst thing that people do in marketing is often ‘what they don’t do.’ You see, marketing folks have long ago figured out what makes people tick. What peaks their interest… and ultimately what makes them buy. So what does this idea have to do with Facebook ads/marketing?

One mistake businesses make is that they don’t look at the whole picture.

When someone sees your ad, you have zero credibility, zero trust, zero reputation. You have to build it, and one way you build it is if you create multiple various messages that appeal to your target market’s need.

Facebook is a great platform for achieving all of those needs. Since Facebook formulates content so well that it keeps users engaged, we already know that if we quickly say the right things and end it with an offer that’s hard to refuse, you can already start building a connection with future prospects.

There’s no doubt that Facebook ads with their micro-targeted ad platform has made thousands to millions of dollars for lots of business owners and big brands. But as the Facebook market has become saturated, one has to market smarter, not harder. We use various premium (and expensive) tools to build our a customer profile. Then use attractive offers to pull more customers as well as retarget to those who didn’t complete a purchase.

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